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Students taking higher level language exams are struggling

Are you having trouble with your European language course – but still choosing to do the higher-level exam? You are not alone… but it is not the best idea. A State Examinations Commission report has looked at how students managed … Continue reading

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Surge in interest in Polish medical colleges

Over twenty students have already been accepted to prestigious Polish medical colleges this year before the Leaving Cert has even finished. Each year more school leavers are looking to add options for their future studies. The Leaving Cert exams finish … Continue reading

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Sporting success: PE in the Leaving Cert

Government ministers and educators may not be on the best of terms at this point in time, but one proposal they seem to agree on is that physical activity (PE) should included as an examinable subject in the Leaving Certificate. … Continue reading

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Leaving the Leaving Cert

So the fuss is almost all over for 2013′s Leaving Cert students. I say nearly, because there is still the bevy of first- and second-round college offers to look forward to. Preliminary reports in the media have exhibited an almost … Continue reading

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